Pasta cooker basket

 What we see is a simple perforated metal sheet basket, but we usually don’t think that it is only the visible part of 50 years of know-how, research, high quality materials and lasting external collaborations!

Our company not only takes care of the basket’s appearance using good materials, but it looks also at the combination of beauty and functionality!


All our baskets are made with Aisi 304 or 316 perforated metal sheet cut to size, a choice dictated by the need to reduce waste and optimize production times and costs.


After an internal washing cycle with a special machine, the raw material passes to the pasta basket’s area, where it is cut and bended. Once the printed bottom, the upper wire, the handle and the hooks have been applied, the basket is ready for the passivation and electro-polishing process, which eliminates oily residues, welding marks and small imperfections of the raw material.

Which is a typically overlooked aspect of a good pasta cooker basket?

The handle, a fundamental accessory!!


Driven by this awareness, we have always searched solutions in step with the times and compliant with the current food regulations!

After 2 years of tests and studies in collaboration with a specialized company, we can finally present our new monolithic handle, aesthetically similar to the one of our fryer baskets.

How would we describe it in a few words?

Handy, practical, with a safer and more resistant attachment system. Do you want to try it?


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