Safe products

An excellent organization is the basis of a company’s success.

The company organization is a real discipline full of theories, techniques and application methods that determine its know-how and guidelines.

As already expressed in previous articles, our company is certified

– UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

– UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015

and is very attentive to the needs of its customers and the safety of its operators.

Today we talk about another fundamental principle for Francesco Toffoli S.p.A:


Our role and core business lead us to use raw materials that must be processed with certain criteria in order to eliminate all potentially dangerous, or harmful aspects during the use of the products.

For example, the burrs and the cutting edges of the wire must absolutely be eliminated for certain types of items, in particular for the medical and HORECA sector. Most of the time our customers (who personally carry out the drawings and projects) ask us to apply this kind of foresight but, in some cases, we ourselves suggest it basing on our experience.

What are the main processes that lead us to supply high quality and safe products?

Here below some examples:


This is a manually operation that we apply to eliminate the burrs made by the automatic machines during the cutting phase. The sharp edges on the ends of the wires are substantially eliminated, leaving intact the final flat part of the wire.

Being a manual and extremely precise operation, it can only be performed on specific occasions, which depends on the geometry and the costruction of the article.

Furthermore, this type of process improves the superficial treatment result on every single piece and every single wire.


This semi-automatic operation eliminates the excess material from the wires that are welded transversely to a perimeter. This way, there are not protrusions and edges that could be potentially harmful during the use of the articles.

When necessary, this operation is also performed to respect the external overall dimensions of the items. In fact, the wires or the mesh must be longer / larger than the perimeter to which they are to be welded to ensure the tightness of the weld itself.

We also apply a different type of manual operation which eliminates all the sharp edges by melting the material. This process is usually performed on items for the medical sector and it’s always done after trimming.

These are just some of the precautions we apply to our articles.

In fact, each item has its own history, its specific use and a construction studied to make it functional and SAFE!

With the hope that our article has been useful and interesting, we thank you all for reading!

See you on the next charpter!!

The staff

Toffoli S.p.A.