The plastic coating process

The surface treatment is the last working phase of our products, but not for this reason the least important!

Today we focus on the plastic coating, a process we perform by ourself! The oven has been part of our factory for over 23 years, during which it has produced thousand and thousand of plasticized articles for refrigerators, dishwashers, blast chillers and so on!

We use two types of powder:




We know that these two materials that have different reactions and adaptability to specific external or internal conditions, but the question now is … When one and when the other?


In reality there is not a rule, but there are some characteristics which differentiate the 2 materials.

For example, Rilsan is a very resistant material to high and variable temperatures and it is particularly suitable for dishwasher baskets. Instead, Polyethylene is more suitable for cold and constant temperatures, and it is generally used for fridge or freezer grids!

The path of the articles inside the oven mainly consists of 3 phases:

1st phase: heating (we weld a temporary wire hook to the articles to hang them on the sliding trail of the oven);

2nd phase: immersion in the plastic powder;

3rd phase: cooling to room temperature;


Once these steps have been completed, the hook is removed and a retouching is carried out at the point of removal, in order to eliminate any aesthetic and functional contraindication.

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