The welding process

Here is a brief presentation of a fundamental working phase: THE WELDING!

TOFFOLI SPA mainly performs 2 types of weldings:

– TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)

– Automatic welding


The difference between them depends on three factors:

– Final use

– Material

– Type of construction


Now we delve into more detailed information to understand better these differences:

TIG welding:

It is a manual precision procedure that is carried out with the aid of a special tungsten tip, which melt the material at the junction point. This type of welding is much more resistant and cleaner than automatic welding, and permits to make weldings in particularly narrow points and near the bends of the wire. In addition, it is possible to make the butt welding of the wires.


– Automatic welding:

It is performed with automatic or semi-automatic machines, for which specific working programs are set and stored. It is a type of welding widely used for flat gratings (for example oven grids) or bended gratings (for example protection grids, electro-welded mesh baskets, etc.…). This type of welding is quick and easy, but there is some risks. For example, sometimes, the excess of current can cause burrs or imperfections in the wire which can not be covered with the surface treatment.A


What must be considered to decide whether to use TIG welding or automatic welding?

Let’s take as example the medical sector, for which we have been producing accessories such as baskets and tray holders for years. In almost all the cases, TIG welding is the most popular and, a lot of times, also the most suitable for this sector.

For which reason?

Thanks to this type of welding, the fusion of the steel wires creates a single body which facillitate the cleaning and sanitizing processes. The lack of burrs and imperfections also avoids the presence of sharp areas that could damage protective gloves or other safety devices, an essential aspect for such a delicate sector.

Clearly, in order to optimize the production times and costs, we do not carry out TIG welding in every junction point of the medical accessories. This is why TOFFOLI SPA studies the items and agrees with the customer which points should be welded by TIG welding and which not, in order to provide an excellent product at the best price.