Fryer basket

Each product or object, for example a sofa, is a synergistic combination of components to guarantee functionality, quality and good appearance.

The fryer baskets can be seen as simple objects, overlooked into a professional kitchen, but behind each basket there is a study which analyzes all the fundamental aspects to create a quality product.

The fryer baskets are not part of our standard product list, because there are almost infinite customizations and a catalog would be, at least, reductive!

Generally the fryer baskets are built with iron S235JR chrome-plated (more commonly known as FE360B) and often our customers ask us: why not in stainless steel?


In reality, there is no motivations dictated by essential needs, it is simply a habit given by the final use of the article and the cost of the raw material itself.

Unlike the pasta cooker baskets, the fryer baskets comes into contact with oil, an element which does not cause the oxidation of the material.

Anyway, the real quality’s guarantee lies in the construction details, thanks to the use of a selected wire ribbed mesh mm 7,5 x 7,5 and a special plastic grip that ensure the efficiency and durability of the product over time!

Despite everything, many customers prefer to invest in the purchase of stainless steel fryer baskets, certainly more expensive, but at the same time less delicate and more resistant to the contact with typical substances in a professional kitchen.

Here our specialization in “full custom products” comes into play in terms of construction’s type, technical experience and good value for money!